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I happily serve the MetroWest & Greater Boston region with therapeutic support services for adolescents, young adults, and families.

Individual Therapy


Youth, Adolescents, Young Adults
$150 / 50 minutes

Youth and young adults must navigate a path of arduous and unfamiliar terrain. The road to growing up often feels uncertain, and mental health challenges or personal struggles along the way can feel scary or even debilitating. I provide adolescents and young adults the guidance to find the strength and enthusiasm to pursue opportunities for healthy growth in an ever-changing landscape.

Family Therapy


$185 / 50 minutes

The journey for families can often be rocky and unmarked. Facing challenges when family members are struggling or the family unit feels stuck in a frustrating rut may have significant impact on family cohesion and familial wellness. In family therapy, family members will benefit from an experienced and intuitive partner to help chart a sustained path towards becoming a family that thrives in the face of these challenges

Parent Consultation


$135 / Each additional hour

Parenting youth and adolescents can feel like navigating a daunting maze of endless challenges with no end in sight. When your child is struggling, it’s easy to feel ineffective and overwhelmed by the journey forward. With the support of an experienced partner, parents can find their authentic parenting style, learn strategies to improve communication and engagement with their children, and implement planning to ensure a physically and emotionally healthy home environment.

Psychological Testing


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Psychological assessments can provide parents, youth, and treatment providers with a map of the unique ways youth experience themselves and the world around them. Psychological testing offers diagnostic impressions to help understand symptoms and develop treatment goals. Assessment can also highlight a youth’s resiliency and strengths to foster healthy development. Assessment findings are reviewed with the family during an included in-person consultation (that may include the individual youth and any treatment providers, if appropriate) and a written assessment report is provided to the parents.

Please contact me directly to discuss psychological testing needs and costs.

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